The JCC Update

This 24-page publication is the main means of communication with members.

Jewish Federation News

A bi-monthly publication of Jewish news for Greater Indianapolis.

Ann Katz Festival

Annual festival with author and performer events.

Earth Day Community Celebration

Earth Day Community Celebration

Family event with exhibitors, live music, and food trucks.

Tiny House Roadshow

Tiny House Roadshow

A big deal was made about a bunch of tiny houses.

Recognition Luncheon Invitation Suite

Recognition Luncheon Invitation Suite

For the female groups Lions of Judah and Pomegranates.

Community Celebration Invitation

An event celebrating growth in the community.

Building Our Community Proposal

Securing the safety of the JCC campus.


Layered album art for the 2nd LP from TLDOTY.


Something people can remember after a few beers.

Turn Into the Ground

Album art with booklet for TLDOTY's first LP.

Logo Design

Logo icons for entrepreneurs, hippies, and a band. 

Painting a Sunset

A wow sunset creation from high noon.

Making Corn Sexy

Product catalogs, seed tags, websites...