Painting a Sunset

The client wanted a "WOW!" sunset for the cover of their seed catalog. One problem...Ag Printers did not have any majestic sunsets in their image library. Eight covers from three other designers were rejected before I was asked to put my projects on hold to take over. I looked over the client notes, studied sunsets (colors, shadows, highlights, etc) and then jumped into Photoshop.

The painting took the better half of my workday, but it WOWed the client and was approved first round, without a single revision requested.
I believe this is where the kid from Ball State says, "And, boom goes the dynamite."

The client wanted the sunset used as much as possible, and requested it be part of the header and footer requested for their inside spreads. I then removed most of the highlights to create a night scene for the back cover. The digital painting ended up being used numerous more times throughout the season. It highlighted brochures, mailers and display boards for marketing and sales shows.

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