The Longest Day of the Year

Illustration, Logo Design

It started when the drummer asked me to design a decal for the front of his bass drum. Their music is definitive and speaks for itself, but there was no face given to the hammering outlaw folk rock. He wanted something distinctive but simple to stick in people's minds while they're drinking from 10-50 feet away.

A mule has been the central focus of their artwork, and we talked about throwing the acronym TLDOTY on the face to cover up the drum's brand name. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Anywho, with the mule from that poster as a template, it just took a handful of revisions before I had some proofs to show the band. They loved the concept and we quickly finalized a design. It is now on the drum face, business cards, stickers, pint glasses and everywhere else that The Longest Day of the Year is found.

#RAWK - Real Americana With Knuckles

My First TLDOTY Artwork